Five Things Every Agent Should Know About Our Business Owners Policy (BOP) Coverage


In the world of small business, good advice can open the door to great opportunities. Some of the best advice you can give your small business customers is to invest in a Business Owners Policy, also known as a BOP.

Offered as a standalone product and with other lines of coverage, a BOP enables small business owners to protect their businesses – and their customers – with just a single policy. For small businesses without specialized risks, a BOP may be the best coverage route for them to take.

Here are five must-knows about our BOP coverage that can help you build a profitable book of business:

1. A BOP provides tremendous value. Ideal for most small businesses, a BOP bundles the major coverages small business owners need – including general liability, property, equipment breakdown and business interruption insurance – into one affordable policy. For additional protection, you can add employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) and cyber liability insurance, safeguarding your customers against these growing risks.

2. A BOP provides both comprehensive and customized coverage. Our Basic, Plus and Blanket enhancement endorsements offer over 80 different supplemental coverages. To further customize your customers’ coverage, you can add liquor liability or professional coverage, depending on the class of business. You can also add insureds to the policy and include a per-project or per-location endorsement.

3. Our redesigned ezBOP rating platform will take efficiency to the next level.Currently being beta-tested, the new ezBOP platform will make it possible to rate, quote and bind new business in as few as three minutes! Other agent-centric enhancements include a new price tracker, which provides real-time premium updates, and coverage indicators that help you select only the enhancement coverage limits your customers need. Plus, with far fewer class-specific and general underwriting questions to answer, your quote counts will go up, along with your policy count.

4. We have a broad risk appetite – and it continues to grow. We’ve added 150 new business classes, bringing our total appetite to 350 classes. Some of the best in the industry, our underwriters focus on the following types of business:

  • Mercantile/Retail
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Processing and Service
  • Habitational and Residential Condos

To expedite the submission process, you can bind every BOP class in our appetite online.

5. BOP is a win-win for you and your customers. Besides an array of coverage options and highly competitive premiums, AmTrust offers select small businesses a 10 percent discount when their BOP is paired with our workers’ compensation coverage. The flexible terms, comprehensive coverage and significant discount are all great selling points, helping you attract new policyholders while giving them the options and savings they want.

All the right coverage. All in one policy.

When it comes to affordable, customizable coverage, a BOP may be the perfect fit for your small business customers. To discover everything we cover, visit us online today.

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Preparing Your Small Business for Winter


The winter season brings with it the potential for adverse weather conditions: extreme cold, high winds, snow and sleet, and icy roads and sidewalks. As a small business owner, you want to ensure your organization is able to stay open and thriving no matter what the season brings. This means being adequately prepared for winter storms to keep your business, your property and your employees safe.

Winter Weather Preparedness Tips for Small Businesses

WInter Tips for Small Businesses

Here are some tips to help prepare your small business for wintertime:

Stay Ahead of the Weather

Make sure to keep an eye on your local weather forecast on a regular basis. If you haven’t done so already, consider downloading a reputable smartphone application that can come in handy to alert you of winter weather activity in your area. Getting out in front of a severe winter storm as much as possible will help give you more time to prepare your property, business operations and your employees as the adverse weather approaches.

Prepare Your Business Operations

Make sure all communication devices as well as laptops and other essential electronics are fully charged before taking them with you. Consider creating multiple back-ups or copies of electronic files, and store records off premises as much as possible.

Contact any vendors, third-party suppliers, etc. that you work with regularly to discuss a plan for continuing operations during the storm – for example, if your small business relies upon another party to deliver inventory to your location, how will you receive your supplies?

Prepare Your Small Business Property

Begin with the outside by relocating any materials or equipment that could be damaged by extreme cold and snow to a secure area. Move any vehicles your business needs to have available to a safe location, such as a covered garage, to help prevent any possible damage or from being stuck due to snow accumulation. Avoid concentrating all vehicles in any one building unless the building has automatic fire protection.

Check for any damaged supports and loose or missing roofing materials as these areas are vulnerable to snow loads, high winds and water penetration. Make sure to have these fixed by a professional as soon as possible. Arrange with qualified and insured contractor(s) for removal of drifts, excessive snow, or water-laden snow or ice from roofs. Also, check for clear and open roof drains and for any gaps around flashing or locations where objects are secured to the roof, such as antennas. These issues should be addressed immediately.

Snow and ice should be regularly removed from entryways and sidewalks, and proper measures (like salting) should be done to help prevent slips and falls. Placing non-slip mats in front of entryways can help further prevent slipping as employees and customers enter and exit your business property.

Installing a generator is a great way to prepare for the possibility of power loss and to help reduce business disruption. It enables your small business to continue operating some or all of your electronic equipment and lights. It can help avoid or reduce commercial property damage from freezing temperatures. To learn more about generators and how to safely use them, check out these helpful tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Protect Your Workforce

Last, but not least – the most significant winter weather preparedness tip is to protect your most important asset: your workforce. If possible, close your office at a time that allows your employees ample opportunity to safely travel home, so that they can secure their residence and prepare for a snow storm. Should a storm hit during non-business hours, making travel difficult and dangerous, offer the capability for your employees to work from home (if your type of business supports this) by allowing secure access to your business network.

AmTrust Offers Commercial Property Protection

Commercial package loss control is a multi-faceted process that varies by the type of business, region of the country, the season and other factors. AmTrust is here to help. Check out our commercial property protection section of our website, as well as our other loss control resources. Or, please contact us today to learn more. Check our blog regularly for more up-to-date news, tips and information on the insurance industry.

Join the #GivingTuesday Movement


The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been designated #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and to celebrate generosity worldwide. The giving day harnesses the potential of social media and the generosity of people around the world. This year, #GivingTuesday is November 27th, kicking off the giving season and encouraging people to collaborate and give back to their communities.

History of #GivingTuesday

The #GivingTuesday movement was started in 2012 in New York City by the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact at the 92nd Street Y to connect diverse groups of people, communities and organizations to celebrate and encourage giving. Following the launch, a team of social media influencers and founding partners such as Mashable, Skype, Microsoft, Sony, Heifer International, Phoenix House and Starwood Hotels joined forces sharing their expertise and commitment to the cause. For the 2018 campaign, Facebook has partnered with PayPal to match up to $7 million in donations made on Facebook to eligible US based nonprofits.

#GivingTuesday unites countries around the world by sharing our capacity to care for and empower one another. In 2017 alone, the program was shared in over 150 countries, raised over $300 million dollars with $2.5 million in online gifts and had over 21.7 billion social impressions.

Ways You Can Help on #GivingTuesday

Large and small organizations are participating in #GivingTuesday activities. But, it isn’t just helping out on the larger scale. Individuals can help in many ways as well. There is no limit to how much good people can do on this giving day and beyond. Below are a few ways you can help on the personal level:

  • Donate time by volunteering at an organization in your community
  • Give back to the community by donating to a charity or organization that has impacted your life
  • Ask your management team if you can give a part of your paycheck to charity
  • Share your skills by working pro bono to help nonprofits with their campaigns
  • Post about your experience on social media by using the #GivingTuesday hashtag


AmTrust’s Community Outreach

All types and sizes of organizations are encouraged to participate in #GivingTuesday-from schools to nonprofits to small businesses to corporations and more. Plus, the attitude behind #GivingTuesday can last all year. AmTrust Financial celebrates our employee’s involvement in a variety of community service events throughout the year.

When it comes to our communities, AmTrust Financial agents and employees voluntarily contribute their time and effort to company-sponsored events that benefit charitable organizations such as The American Heart Association, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention—just to name a few. In the past year, the AmTrust Financial’s Cleveland office has raised over $10,000 for local organizations such as Children Hunger Alliance, Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, Cleveland Food Bank and more. We are excited to continue our efforts to fulfill our mission to protect and inspire our customers, communities and families through ongoing engagement efforts.

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Support Big Dreamers on Small Business Saturday


Small business owners want consumers to shop “small” on Saturday, November 24.

The brainchild of American Express, Small Business Saturday (SBS) is a day to celebrate entrepreneurs everywhere, including the businesses that line Main Streets across America. SBS is celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the US and on the first Saturday of December in the UK.

Small Business Saturday

Introduced in 2010 as a day to support small businesses, SBS has a big impact on the communities these businesses call home. Here are a few statistics that illustrate its popularity:
  • CNBC reported that in 2017, SBS saw 108 million shoppers spend $12.9 billion at independently owned businesses nationwide.
  • Approximately 43 percent of American adults either shopped or dined small on that day, per the results of a survey organized by American Express and the National Federation of Independent Business.
  • Seventy percent of U.S. consumers are aware of SBS, and 58 percent said they shopped or dined at more than one independently owned business during SBS weekend, according to the same survey.
  • If you spend $100 at a local business, roughly $68 stays in the local economy, according to the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, a nonprofit that advocates building strong local economies.

A huge part of the U.S. economy

Small businesses account for 99.7 percent of all businesses in the US. Generating about 50 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, small businesses are vital to keeping the American economy strong.

The backbone of the American economy, small businesses do all sorts of wonderful things including:

  • Fueling innovation and product diversity
  • Creating jobs for millions of people
  • Keeping money in the local economies
  • Increasing local real estate values

Backing small businesses

AmTrust Financial understands and supports small and mid-sized businesses across the country. Whatever your customers’ dreams, we can help protect them. Discover what we cover at

Disability & Paid Family Leave: How They Work Together


Data analyzed by AmTrust Financial looking at how claimants are filing for New York’s Paid Family Leave Act show that the vast majority (95%) of female bonding claims are also taking disability leave.

That means that in 2018, female employees who file for DBL after giving birth and filing a bonding claim for PFL can take up to 14 weeks protected, paid leave. As the law roles out over the next few years and the leave time for PFL increases, that number will jump to 18 weeks protected leave. A claimant cannot collect NYPFL and NYDBL at the same time, but they can be taken back to back, and our data shows that this is in fact the trend for most female bonding filings.

While the change is a positive one for employee morale and those who have advocated for longer paid leave time for new mothers, it can be tricky for an employer to manage that time off. Agents need to work with their clients to help them prepare for employees taking longer leave time when it comes to maternal bonding.

AmTrust Financial suggests agents work with their clients to help them face the reality that they’ll likely need to prepare for longer leave time and the need to disperse work load during that leave. Agents can help clients by following these three tips:

  • Employers should talk to their employees about their leave plans ahead of time. Do they plan to take both DBL and PFL back to back, or do they plan to use PFL intermittently? Agents can also help their clients with filing. DBL is filed by the employer, but PFL is typically filed by the employee.
  • Encourage clients to develop a relationship with a staffing agency. Using an agency can help find temporary, qualified candidates to file the role of an individual on paid leave.
  • Help your clients create a return to work plan for their employees. Having a plan helps ensure a smoother transition back into employment after leave.

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AmTrust’s Scott Stevens to Speak at Connected Insurance USA Summit 2018


From November 28-30, more than 500 leaders from the insurance industry will come together at the Connected Insurance USA Summit 2018. Held this year at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in in Chicago, this essential insurance industry event is three conferences in one, combining the core pillars of Innovative Technology, Customer Engagement and Product Development into one. The goal of the conference is to provide organizations with the necessary strategies they need to transform and survive the future of the insurance industry.

Attendees of Connected Insurance USA include executives in key roles from underwriting, product development, marketing, customer, tech, data, analytics, claims and more. This year, AmTrust’s own Scott Stevens, Vice President of Underwriting, Workers’ Compensation, will speak at the event, sharing his experience, expertise and thoughts around certain industry trends and challenges.

What to Expect at Connected Insurance USA in 2018

There’s no doubt that today’s insurance carriers must deliver more responsive, personalized and connected services to meet increasing expectations from customers. Join the insurance community at Connected Insurance USA to learn how to face common challenges with your peers, connect with colleagues from other departments and meet some of the most influential players in insurance.

At this leading insurance-industry conference, attendees will receive insights on:

Innovative Technology 

Learn how to integrate innovative tech to align strategies with your business objectives, as well to grow market share and boost your bottom line.

Customer Engagement 

Win and retain more customers by fully understanding what they want, while delivering a seamless, omnichannel customer experience across all buyer stages.

Product Development 

Find out how to refine insurance products and services to align with the shift towards risk prevention, while also understanding how to provide the personalized, relevant and valuable products your customers seek.

Reaching the Connected Customer

There’s still time to register for the 2018 Connected Insurance USA Summit and get the tools needed to ensure your organization thrives in this “customer age of insurance.”

AmTrust has always had the belief that as you get bigger, you also have to get better. As a top commercial insurer in the nation, our investments in people and proprietary technology have allowed us to offer the most innovative insurance products to meet our customers’ needs, both today and tomorrow.

We look forward to seeing you at Connected Insurance USA this year!

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Assure Space Blue Origin Factory Tour


Assure Space, backed by AmTrust Financial, headed to Cocoa Beach, Florida, for their annual renewal meeting. Acquired by AmTrust in 2016, Assure Space supports space risks by providing specific insurance products for the space industry.

While there, team members from Assure Space and AmTrust took a tour of the new @BlueOrigin Factory, a company that develops reusable rocket engines and launch vehicles empowered by the vision of millions of people living and working one day in space. They spent time in the OneWeb Factory, Kennedy Space Center and enjoyed a successful annual meeting.

Assure Space team in front of rocket

Pictured in the photos are: Norm Rosenberg (NY Office), Chris Jarvis (AmTrust London), Malcolm Barnes (AmTrust London), Richard Parker (Assure Space in Maryland), Kelly Bromley (Assure Space in Maryland) ,Alois Rouffiac (AmTrust London)

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