Maximize your cash flow with our payment options


Successfully managing a small business doesn’t just involve protecting assets with the appropriate commercial insurance coverage, it also relies on the ability to maximize cash flow when managing expenses.  That’s why AmTrust offers its insureds a variety of options and plans for payment.

Our payment methods when purchasing commercial liability, workers’ compensation insurance and other business owners’ policies are flexible, simple and convenient, removing the hassle.  Keep reading for descriptions and sign-up instructions on the option that can work best for you.

AmTrust AutoPay

Why worry about writing a check every month?  Our direct debit payment option automatically withdraws from the designated bank account.

Sign up

Log into AmTrust Online at and click “Insured Registration.”  Once registered, navigate to the menu item to sign up for Direct Debit.  Complete the needed information and payments will begin being automatically deducted each month.

Online Payment

Available 24/7 at, minimum payments or the full balance can be taken care of with a credit card or electronic check.

Sign up

All information needed to register can be found on your invoice.  To access the payment area, navigate to and click on Insured Registration in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.

Pay-As-You-Owe® (PAYO®)

Our PAYO® solution makes workers’ compensation insurance premium payments as seamless as possible.  PAYO® works with approved payroll companies to calculate premium payment on what is owed each pay period based on the monthly reports issued to AmTrust.

Need additional reasons to use PAYO?  You’ll receive the following benefits:

Improved cash flow because premium is paid with actual payroll
Reduced potential of additional or return premium at audit
Simplified process because your payroll company handles payment and calculation
Sign up

Confirm that your payroll company has adequate information on their workers’ compensation report, AmTrust requests a copy of the report and information on how the company will submit the insured’s premium payment.  To find out if a payroll company is approved or to submit a company for approval, please contact your sales representative.

Additional Options

You can also pay by check, phone or providing a monthly self-report.  For additional information on these options visit,



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